Coolest Single Item at Our Vintage and Antique Shops

1. The antique music box at Franklin Home Furnishings

This 1887 music box is powered by air and still plays by turning the hand crank. It comes with 10 cylinders that each play different songs.

699 S. Morton St., Franklin, 46131


2. The engraved glasses at Vintage Whimsy

It's easy to see the history in these antique glasses. Each one is engraved with the location, date and owner's name. They were originally from World's Fair locations all over the country and one of them dated back to 1863.

112 W. Jefferson St., Franklin, 46131


3. The gentleman's cabinet at Pump House Antiques

At first glance, it looks like a regular cabinet, but it was once the place where a man could store his top hat and shaving supplies. When the couple who salvaged it found it, all the pieces were taken apart and put in sales and a burn pile. The couple put it back together and restored it to its former glory.

158 N. Main St. Bargersville, 46106


4. These bright windows at Madison Street Salvage

This store is full of interesting finds from historic homes, and these colorful windows are a shining example. They were salvaged from a home in Nashville, Indiana.

350 E. Madison St., Franklin, 46131


5. The antique typewriter at Salvage Sisters Antique Market

Just imagine all the stories and letters this has written.

398 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, 46131


6. The pilot ladder at The Shoppe Recreated Treasures

This massive ladder was handmade from hemp in Europe and was once used on an actual ship to help sailors climb down to the dingy.

291 E. Two Cent Road, Bargersville, 46184


7. The reclaimed cart at Blackbird Nest

This item is as useful as it is unique. Imagine it being used as a kitchen island or desk.

498 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, 46131


8. The Post Office cabinet at Simple Abundance

This historic piece was once used to sort and store mail at the post office and it is said to have been used in the mid-1900s.

110 W. Main Cross St., Edinburgh, 46124


9. The Amish cabinets at Take Root Country Store

Take Root Country Store is the only place around to find these solid wood cabinets, made by an Amish community in Michigan.

202 N. Madison Ave., Greenwood, 46142



10. The handmade toy phone at Thanks for the Thyme

It's easy to see the hand carvings on the handle and imagine the person who created it.

396 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, 46131


11. The handmade stool at Possibilities

A local veteran created this unique stool from an old stump. Each is one-of-a-kind and handmade.

110 W. Jefferson St., Franklin, 46131


12. The book cutouts at Eclectic Jade

These would be a fun addition to any bookshelf.

108 W. Jefferson St., Franklin, 46131


13. The antique crate at Farm Girl Mercantile

This biscuit crate is from a Philadelphia bakery that opened in 1846,

436 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, 46131


For more antique hunting, visit the Johnson County Antique Market, a popular show held one day each month at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.

350 Fairgrounds St., Franklin, 46131,