Indiana Golf Hall of Fame


2625 Hurricane Road

Franklin, Indiana

p: 317-738-9696

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Indiana Golf Hall of Fame


The Indiana Golf Hall of Fame, which is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, is where esteemed members of the golf community are chosen for induction based on their extraordinary contributions to the game as players, teachers, administrators or promoters. The Golf Hall of Fame began in 1964 and moved to its current location in June of 2001. Within the exhibit, visitors can also view plaques and memorabilia of members of the Indiana High School Golf Hall of Fame.

Some of its more renowned members include PGA tour players Jim Gallagher, Jr., Fuzzy Zoeller and Bill Kratzert, entertainer/comedian Phil Harris, former president of the PGA of America Mickey Powell, former president of the USGA Dr. Trey Holland, and noted golf course architects Pete and Alice Dye. Visitors are always welcome in the Hall of Fame to enjoy the items donated by the members and their families. Admission is free.