The Coolest Items at our Antique Shops

Posted by: Nick Johnson on May 31, 2019

If you love treasure hunting at antique shops, you’ll appreciate the cool items we found being offered at some of our antique and salvage shops. And don’t worry if they’re gone when you visit. You’re sure to find something equally awesome.

Here's what we found:

1. WW II Belgian souvenir wooden shoes at Thanks for the Thyme.

These clogs feature the United States flag and the Belgian flag crossing at the hilt. The shoe have “Souvenir from Belgium” painted at the top. A very interesting find with a lot of history behind it.

396 E. Jefferson St., Franklin


2. The art deco lady cigarette box at Salvage Sisters Antique Market.

A ceramic box that features a woman’s face at the top with beautiful craftsmanship. There are a few other lady faces that go along with it as well.

398 E. Jefferson St., Franklin


3. A unique chair at The Shoppe Recreated Treasures

This old chair is quite unusual. Instead of a seat, it has hanging ropes that act as a net for your sitting pleasure.

291 E. Two Cent Road, Bargersville


4. The Holy Bible at Pump House Antiques

This bible looks as if it came straight out of a museum. It looks old and worn but has character. It was put in a case for extra protection.

158 N. Main St. Bargersville


5. Yardzee set at Scoops and Treasures

Yardzee is a giant spin on the classic game of Yahtzee. It can be fun for families or parties. The ice cream here is also another great choice!

300 Tracy Road, New Whiteland


6. The windmill clock at Trinkets N Threads

This unique piece is the top part of a windmill that has been altered to have clock hands in the middle. There are no numbers on the clock however, so you must be good with your imagination to know the time!

229 W. Jefferson St., Franklin


7. Vintage Russian nesting dolls at Vintage Whimsy

There are a few sets of beautifully crafted Russian nesting dolls at the Vintage Whimsy. Each set has its own art style that make for a gorgeous product that would look good on any shelf.

112 W. Jefferson St., Franklin


8. A lettuce molded bowl at Madison Street Salvage

There are so many unique items here that it was difficult to choose on only one! This bowl looks like a head of lettuce and have a rounded lid that really gives it that vegetable look. It would be a fun addition to any shelf.

350 E. Madison St., Franklin


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