Yours Truly Foods Wine Cane Mixes


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Yours Truly Foods Wine Cane Mixes


Two foodies got their heads together to decide what the world needs. Betty had been feeding people for years in her dinner theatre. Daina was a caterer with her own line of gourmet pot pies. But they wanted to create something unique—something no one else had ever tried. Then it came to them – Wine Cake Mixes! Now people can bake elegant gourmet wine cakes in their very own kitchen. Like any other cake mix, you add oil, eggs and then, unlike any other cake mix, you add your favorite wine. Slip a dark red Merlot or even fruity cherry wine into the Truly Chocolate mix and the decadence will delight you. Introduce the Strawberry Kiss mix to a vignole or riesling that you love and it will love you back with a seduction of strawberry flavor that will sweep you off your feet! They even offer a bourbon caramel mix. These mixes, which are part of Indiana Grown, are now available at wineries and shops, including Vino Villa in Greenwood. See the "about" section of their Facebook page for more locations.