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Location: 66 S. Water St., Franklin, IN 46131

Phone number: 317-739-8600

The Festival Country Indiana Visitor Center is a little more festive than most visitor centers.

It features dynamic, interactive 3-D exhibits. When you visit, you'll find:

– An 11-foot apple that tells the story of our orchards and farms. Kids can solve the maze on the sign inside the apple, and people of all ages can get their picture taken with fun apple-related signs.

– A skydiving selfie opportunity.

– A working Festival Country Radio booth where you can hit the "on air" light, read a script about what's going on, then play a favorite song.

– An indoor slide that will get you interested in trying the much larger slides at our water parks.

– A display showing local craft beer, wine and spirits.

– An actual photo booth where you can pose with your best friend or family.

– A go-cart kids can sit in and see the track at Whiteland Raceway Park.

– A theater, where you'll learn about Festival Country.

You'll also find free guides that explain all you need to know about Festival Country. Our helpful staff is also ready to answer all your questions.

The visitor center is located at 66 S. Water St., Franklin, IN 46131

The hours are:

11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

Closed Sunday and Monday

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