Honey Creek Tackle archery range


2380 N. State Road 135

Bargersville, Indiana 46106

p: 317-422-0102

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Honey Creek Tackle archery range


Honey Creek Tackle is your one-stop shopping experience for all things fishing, archery, firearms and hunting. There's a 6,000-square-foot fishermen’s hangout with bar stools around the counter, flat screen TV’s on the wall, and sofas for the ones who want to stay all day.

There is also an additional 7,000-square-foot archery range. By allowing a person to shoot up to 40 yards on one of 24 lanes, Honey Creek Tackle has become central Indiana’s largest indoor archery range. During a 3-D shoot, a shooter can aim for one of 30 targets hidden among the “evergreens." It is also a pet-friendly place.