March Happiness - The Final Round

Posted by: Shelby Miles on March 23, 2020

Over the last few weeks, we have voted on all kinds of attractions throughout Festival Country. It started with burgers, then onto boutiques, then things to do. This week, the winner of the things to do category was the Historic Artcraft Theatre! It was a close race, but in the end, you all chose this Franklin staple as the third item on our March Happiness itinerary.

Altogether, our first three winners are:

- Cheeseburger at the Grill Bar

- BYTAVI boutique

- The Historic Artcraft Theatre

This week, the final week, is a little different than before. For this round, you chose the voting options. It could have been anything from your favorite dish at a local restaurant, to an activity, to an antique shop. Anything in Festival Country goes. For those who had been waiting for their favorite thing to show up in the bracket, this was the time to make it happen. Here are the options for the final round of voting.

- Province Park

- Small Town Pizza & Sub Co.

- Wild Geese Bookshop

- Mi Abuelito

To vote on this round, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and leave a comment with your choice. On Friday, we’ll announce the last winner. Remember, when you vote, you’ll be entered to win $100 at the end of the competition!