Top Murals

Enjoy a drive around Festival Country Indiana and check out the colorful murals that decorate the buildings in our communities. Visit here to see photos of the first 11 murals, which are part of the Color the County program.

Ben Franklin & Kites

315 E. Jefferson Street, Franklin

Artist Danny Causey

Blowing Bubbles

86 W. Court Street, Franklin

Artist Gordon Strain

Draw Your Heart Out

530 Main Street, Whiteland

Artist Dave Windisch

Quilted Wheels Tree

189 W. Main Street, Greenwood

Artist Amy Hommell

Gummy Bears

This colorful gummy bear illusion is part of the Jiffy Lube mural project. 

839 N. U.S. 31, Whiteland

Artist Carl Leck

Bargersville Mural

10 S. Baldwin St., Bargersville

Artist Amber Berninger

Bargersville Unity Mural

89 S. Baldwin St., Bargersville

Artist Stacie Drane

Colorful Quilt Pattern

South Main Street underpass, just north of Caisson Drive, Franklin Artist Erin Davis


John R. Drybread Community Center, 100/102 East Main Cross, Edinburgh

Artist Andrea Light

Good Vibes Mural

229 S. Main St., Franklin

Artist Shannon McKeon

Peonies and Bees 

800 S. Indian Creek Drive

Artists Chrissy Robertson, Meredith Pierson, Patrick Tisdale and Elissa McKee


McCarty Mulch & Stone, 100 Bluffdale Road, Greenwood

Artist Leah Pinney


Middle Davids Artisan Candles, 100 S Jackson St, Franklin

Artists Gordon Strain and Greg Potter

Service Station Vignettes

At the classic service station you’ll find vignettes of different scenes painted on an exterior wall.

Paris Super Service, 298 W. Jefferson St., Franklin

Taxman Murals

At Taxman Brewing Company, the company logo – a skull in a top hat – is painted on an exterior wall near the patio. There's also a new abstract mural by Stacie Drane just north of the Taxman patio.

Taxman Brewing Company, 13 S. Baldwin St., Bargersville

Swimming Fish

Swimming fish were added to an alley in Franklin during the inaugural Ethos Celebration of the Arts in 2019.

51 E. Court St., Franklin

Artists Gordon Strain and Greg Potter

Colorful Pets

An organization called Murals for Mutts created this quirky mural that features dogs and cats wearing colorful accessories.

Humane Society of Johnson County, 3827 Graham Road, Franklin

Not Just Popcorn

101 E. Main Cross St., Edinburgh 

Artist Amy Hommell

Buzzards of Blue River

Simple Abundance, 110 W. Main Cross St., Edinburgh

Edinburgh Mural

100 E. Main Cross St., Edinburgh

Wall of Hope

Artist Patrick Tisdale designed and painted this wall to represent mental health and provide hope for those struggling.

Sharp Graphics, 49 W. Monroe St., Franklin

Colorful Tree

HeavenEarth Church, 309 W. Main St., Whiteland

Sweets & Treats

The Hope Gallery Sweets & Treats, 74 N. Main St., Bargersville

Bonus Public Art: Art on The Trailway

While checking out the murals, be sure to stop for a walk and enjoy the Art on the Trailway in Greenwood. There are generally at least six pieces of three-dimensional art gracing the trail. Parking is available at Craig Park. Walk east to see the art.

Craig Park, 10 E. Smith Valley Road, Greenwood

Various artists