Winter Fun

Posted by: Kenneth Kosky on January 16, 2019

When winter comes around, there are two choices: stay inside for a few months or get outside and enjoy winter fun.

Here in Festival Country Indiana, as soon as we get enough snow to cover the ground, I like heading to Freedom Park in Greenwood. The park’s large hill is often filled with people enjoying sledding. Another popular sledding spot is Province Park in Franklin.

For cross-country skiing, I usually either head to University Park in Greenwood, which has 40 acres to explore, or Laura Hare Preserve at Blossom Hollow. The preserve has a nice trail to walk during the summer, and in winter it is a fun place to cross-country ski. Note that it is a bit hilly.

The best part about winter fun is getting back inside to warm up. I recommend stopping at one of our coffee shops and tea houses, like 1823 Bakehouse in Franklin (which is gluten free) , Coffeehouse Five in Greenwood, Sassafras Tea Room in Greenwood and Strange Brew Coffee House in Greenwood.